NB-IoT Pulse Counter NBS-140

NB-IoT 1-6x Pulse counter/contact sensor with temperature measurement and leakage sensor

NB-IoT Pulse Counter NBS-140


  • Contact monitoring of 1-6 dry contacts, 2 are S0-capable
  • Counted pulses are stored locally and saved once a day or once per hour in non-volatile memory (adjustable via SW)
  • Contact Monitoring: Contacts can be configured as NOC / NCC. Alarm message immediately after state change
  • Measurement of 2 temperatures via external cables (PT1000)
  • Leakage sensor internal or external
  • Max. IP65 (depending on cable entry), cable gland is included
  • Fast internal connection for rigid & flexible cables with tool-less connection technology
  • Proactive "Battery Low" message
  • Firmware update-capable via radio
  • Protocols: MQTT, LwM2M

Technical data:

Standards ./.
LxWxH [mm] 200x92x46
Material ABS, grey
IP Rating IP65
Power Supply
External Connector on demand
Internal 2x C 3.6V (Li)
Typ. Power Consumption depending on configuration
Interfaces / Sensors
Inputs 6 pairs of terminals, 2 wires each, all usable as pulse counters or contact monitoring...
...of which 2 can be used as S0 input
...of which 2 usable for ext. temperature sensors
..of which 1 can be used as leakage sensor (intgr. via stainless steel housing feet or external sensor)
Debouncing 100ms, max. contact frequency 5Hz
Temperature Connectors for 2 external, digital calibrated temperature sensor cables: -50 °..+150 °C

+10..+90 °C: -0.3..0.3 °C, typ. +/-0.3 °C
-20..+110 °C: -0.6..0.6 °C, typ. +/-0.3 °C
-50..+150 °C: -1.2..1.2 °C, typ. +/-0.5 °C
Operating Temperature -10..+40 °C
Operating Rel. Humidity non-condensing
Storage -30..+60 °C
Safety / EMC / RF CE
Tariff Information 9031 8038

Communication LTE
Bands B3/ B8 / B20/ B28
Standards LTE Cat NB1 (NB-IoT)
Date: 10/18/19, Version: V1.0


pikkerton GmbH
Wohlrabedamm 16
D-13629 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 3300724-0

Typical Applications
  • Smart Building
  • Energy Metering
  • Measuring of water temperature in pipes
  • Counting of external pulses
  • Contact monitoring for doors and windows
  • Leakage detection for real estates

Used Technologies

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