pikkerton SART Technology

Switching heavy loads (230 V, 16 A) even with miniature relays reliably and for long endurance, pikkerton developed the SART- (Smart Adaptive Relay Triggering) Technology.

Basically it switches the relays´ contacts on and off during the zero-crossing of the current. This is quite easy with purely ohmic loads, because the voltage zero-crossing is available in most of the relay triggering systems. With dephased - capacitive or inductive - loads, this can become really counterproductive. Long and energy-rich electric arcs can damage the relays´ contacts massively, sometimes the relay or the whole product won´t work anymore.

pikkerton SART-Technology consists of following core functionalities:

  • Permanent µController-based high-frequency acquisition of current, voltage and phasing
  • Switching on the relays in voltage zero-crossing (nearly zero load)
  • Permanent correction of the relay triggering point in terms of the relays´ cycling time (changes during lifetime due to loss of material)
  • Switching off the relays in current zero-crossing (nearly zero load)
  • Detection and case differentiation between dephased but sinusoidal currents and non-sinusoidal, pulsed loads, e.g. in power supplies´ switching regulators and in phase-angle controlled systems (e.g. dimmer)
  • Detection and use of "low-current windows" for optimal relay triggering also for pulsed loads.

SART-Technology is implemented yet in following products:

Relay contacts without SART

Click on picture to enlarge. Relay´s contacts without SART technology on PC power supply simulation, after <500 triggerings defective & burnt (random trigger) with clear arc on the oscillogram, showing the current.

Arc without SART

Relay contacts with SART

Click on picture to enlarge. Relay´s contacts with SART technology on PC power supply simulation, more than 12000 triggerings (µC controlled trigger) with oscillogram, showing the current.

No Arc with SART


Panasonic Electric Works

pikkerton SART technology is based on Panasonic Electric Works relays, combining small form factor with low and well-defined bounce time.

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