Encryption / Provisioning: Unpacking and operate secure

Many devices offer encryption nowadays. Hand on heart: Is this feature really used when it should be used ?
Our experiences show the opposite. The environment is assumed as safe and secure. Who has enough time to do it, switch the encryption on, handle the keys, etc.
We offer a network pre-configuration here in our test lab, right after the hardware manufacturing and test. These parameters / keys can be:

  • Configuration of a PAN-ID (Private Area Network)
  • Setup of a Secret Network or a Factory-Preload-Key
  • Enable the Encryption
  • Reliable and safe Key Handling of your Key in our safe Production Environment
  • Contact us for Further Configuration (e.g. Channel Masks in the 2.4 GHz Band)

It is ensured to get the same preconfigured devices if mroe devices are needed / ordered in the future. Just unpack, switch it on and operate !

Easy, secure and reliable.

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