Measuring and Reporting in Stores and Silos


Using Energy more efficiently

Energy costs are increasing from day to day. Therefore there´s the economical need to optimize and maybe prune the budget. Energy should only be paid, when it is really needed and essential for human, work processes or production. In silo and store operating this means that the necessary energy is spent - but not one cent more. Moreover the stored goods must get monitored and clearly tracked in terms of ambient parameters like temperature, rel. humidity and gases, depending on the goods as well as on the regulation for it.

Which parameters are measured ?

  • Temperature
  • Rel. Humidity
  • CO, CO2, various Gases
  • Lighting
  • Control of Cooling Machines
  • Energy
  • Warning Messages after Motion Detection

Equipment / Installation

ZigBee Mesh

Tool less
Self-organizing and self-healing wireless sensor network Installation within a couple of minutes Almost every device is installable without tools

Mesaurement of  el. Energy & Currents

Mesaurement of Temperatures

Mesaurement of rel. Humidity

Gateway ZBG-100 with LabCon-SW

GSM Connector GSS-120

Temperature Sensor on Foil Cable

Smart Energy Meter ZBS-111

Smart Cable Meter ZBS-112/16

Smart Cable Meter ZBS-112/32

Temperature Sensor ZBS-120

Multisensor ZBS-121

Multisensor ZBS-122

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