Mains Quality Monitoring

Finding the Causes for defect Hardware

Right through the mains supply there are various effects that can cause defect hardware, IT equipment or electrical devices
The causes for that can be:

  • Lightning Strokes
  • Various industrial Production Facilities
  • Melting Furnaces, Frequency Converters
  • Electrical Devices with high inrush or operating Currents
  • Highly inductive devices (huge engines or magnetic Machines)
  • Non-existing or incorrect Potential Equalisation
  • Defect Power Supplies (UPS)

The Consequences can be multifaceted:
  • Office Buildings: Flickering Lights, Headache, Concentration Difficulties, PC Crash
  • Laboratories: Wrong Measurings
  • Industry Control: Control Cycles are manipulated
  • Data Centers: Server Crahses, defect Power Supplies, defect Hard Disk Drives (HDD), defect Network Ports

Parameters to be measured: Peaks & Drops

  • Very short-termed Voltage Drops [ms]
  • Voltage Peaks
  • Current-Peaks
  • Average of Voltages, Currents, Load, Works (RMS)

Equipment / Installation

ZigBee Mesh

Tool less
Self-organizing and self-healing wireless sensor network Installation within a couple of minutes Almost every device is installable without tools

Measuring Starting Currents

Current Peaks

Gateway ZBG-100 with LabCon-SW

Smart Energy Meter ZBS-110V2/NQ

Smart Energy Meter ZBS-111/NQ

Smart Cable Meter ZBS-112/16/NQ

Smart Cable Meter ZBS-112/32/NQ

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