Nagios Integration - done in a couple of Minutes

LabCon is installed within a few minutes. Following procedures have to get executed:

1. Installation of Devices

  • Gateway: Setup the IP Address / Network Configuration
  • Sensors / Actuators: Plugin into mains power or insert batteries - push the button - all devices will join the network automatically

2. Device Configuration

  • Depending on the application several parameters can get configured, e.g. the sensitivity of the motion detectors, heartbeat signals, sampling and telegram cycles, quiscence times, ...
  • Defining Service Groups
  • Job Configuration: Association of script-based events, setup of various control cycles for light or temperature control, notification in case of electrical overloads, ...

3. Automatic Generation of Configuration Files for Nagios

  • One Click on  "Generate Nagios Files" will generate configuration files for all new services
  • Comfortable file transfer via via WinSCP / SSH or http download
  • Adding of LabCon Menue into Nagios accoring to manual

4. Nagios Reload & finished !

Screenshots of Installation Steps

1. Installation of Devices

2. Configuration of Devices


3. Auto-Config
Nagios Settings   

4. Reload

5. Monitoring


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