LabCon 230V Mains Quality Analysis

Power Quality Monitoring in Datacenters

With the mains quality analysis package you get enabled to find the real cause for hardware / device / applicance defects which are due to voltage peaks or drops. Suddenly your IT monitoring system detects a defect in your IT infrastructure: services are unavailable, power supplies or network switch ports are damaged. What is the cause for it ? You have 3 possibilities: 1. Guess it. 2. Contact your electrician - he will plug a voltage logger into one (!) dedicated mains socket. After a couple of days and no incident the problem isn´t solved at all. 3. LabCon mains quality analysis measures 24x7x365. You can bring incidents on the mains in real time together with hardware defects and find the cause for the problems as a basis for optimization of your mains infrastructure, your UPS or lightning protection. You can prevent further damages and costs with it.

Customers´ Benefits

  • Early Detection of Threats and Root Cause Analysis of defected hardware equipment
  • Measuring in real Time, 24x7x365
  • Professional Basis for Optimization of electrical Installation

Features: Main Quality Analysis - What are the reasons for my defective devices ?

  • Measuring and Documentation of Voltage Peaks
  • Measuring and Documentation of Current Peaks
  • Measuring and Documentation of short-termed voltage drops above 20 ms
  • Correlation of Mains Incidents with defective appliances
  • Smart Meter Reading via Radio Data Transmission
  • No wiring / cabling infrastructure necessary
  • Easy Network Installation and Operation through self-organizing and self-healing wireless Network

Measuring instead of Guessing !

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