LabCon Installation - an easy job in 4 Steps !

LabCon is installed after a couple of minutes. Following jobs have to be done:

1. Installation of the Devices

  • Gateway: Configuration of the IP Address / Network Configuration
  • Sensors / Actuators: Connection to the Mains resp. Installation of the Batteries - Push the Button. All Devices will join the network after a Couple of Seconds

2. Configuration of the Devices

  • Depending on the Application some Device Parameters can or have to be modified, e.g. the Sensitivity of the Motion Detector, Heartbeat Cacles, Sleeping Times, ...
  • Optional Grouping of the Devies or Usage of the preconfigured Standard Groups
  • Action Configuration: Association of Actions / external Scripts to Events from the Sensor Network, e.g. detected Motion, Violation of Temperature Thresholds or electrical Overloads

3. Automatic Generation of Config-Files for Nagios / Icinga

  • One Click onto "Generate Nagios Files" will start the Autoconfiguration Process for the Configuration File Generation for every new Host and every new Service provided by the Devices
  • Comfortable File Transfer via WinSCP / SSH or HTTP Download
  • Add the new LabCon Main Menue into the Nagios Start Page, according to Manual

4. Nagios Reload & finished !

Screenshots of the Installation

1. Device Installation

Gateway Configuration

Device Overview

2. Device Configuration

Device Configuration

Service Group Setup

Add Service Group

Group Overview

Event & Script Configuration

3. Auto-Configuration

Generate & Download Nagios Configuration

4. Restart

Nagios Host Status

Nagios Service Overview

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