LabCon Energy Metering

Energy Metering in Datacenters

With the energy metering package pikkerton enables you to monitor and control your complete energy consumption building per building, room per room, rack per rack, device per device. Only with device specific and detailed metering data energy consumption is optimizable.  Erst mit detaillierten Meßdaten lassen sich die einzelnen Stromverbräuche auswerten und optimieren. Inefficient appliances can get detected and replaced / removed in order to save energy costs.

Customers´ benefits

  • What is my total energy consumption of my hardware IT equipment in reality ?
  • Monitoring / Analysis - polluter-pays principle
  • Will a server consolidation / virtualization work for me as promised or estimated ?

Features: Metering - Is my Equipment really "green" ?

  • Easy Device Installation within Seconds
  • Usage of socket adapters or Cable Meters
  • Detection and Report of Overload Situations
  • Integrated, calibrated electronic meters
  • Smart Meter Reading via Radio Data Transmission
  • No wiring / cabling infrastructure necessary
  • Easy Network Installation and Operation through self-organizing and self-healing wireless Network

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Smart Energy Meter ZBS-110V2

Smart Energy Meter ZBS-111

Smart Cable Meter ZBS-112/16

Smart Cable Meter ZBS-112/32

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