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Ambient Monitoring in Datacenters

Air Conditioning is one of the biggest cost pools in a data center. Therefore it´s necessary, to monitor all relevant ambient parameters. With these data the data center´s  efficiency can be maximized - as a result costs can be decreased massively.

Customers´ Benefits

  • Cost Savings though optimization of ambient temperature
  • Cost Savings though optimization of air flow
  • Permanent measurement will lead to quick detection of incidents and avoidance of hardware defects

Features: Ambient Control - Can I optimize my operation and air conditioning costs ?

  • High precise Temperature Measurement
  • Measurement of rel. Humidity
  • Measurement of Air Flow (planned)
  • Measurement of static Air Pressure
  • Calculation of [u]Overpressure in my data center floor[u]
  • Smart Meter Reading via Radio Data Transmission
  • No wiring / cabling infrastructure necessary
  • Easy Network Installation and Operation through self-organizing and self-healing wireless Network

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