LabCon Access Control

Access Control in Datacenters

Complex admission control systems are necessary and state of the art in bigger data centers. Access rights / grants are combined with facility management data in case of elevator or lab use e.g.
With LabCon Access Control pikkerton offers an easy-to-integrate package for smaller data centers and server rooms.

Customers´ Benefits

  • Personalized Access Control
  • Detection of Motion / Activity in Data Centers and Server Rooms
  • Alarming of unathorized Activity
  • Protection against Property Damage and Theft

Features: LabCon Access Control - who creeps through my Server Room ?

  • Detection of Motion (passive infrared)
  • Detection of brightness changes
  • Personalized Handheld Pushbuttons
  • Door- and Windows Contacts
  • Comfortable and external Activation / Deactivation of the System

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Multisensor ZBS-121

Multisensor ZBS-122/FS

Pushbutton ZBS-130

Contact Sensor ZBS-132

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