Monitoring in Datacenters

LabCon is a wireless system consisting of sensors and actuators for reliable and comfortable realtime monitoring of data centers. The communication to the gateway is done via SNMP for an easy integration into Nagios.

Simple Configuration, Event Association & Control Circuits

Each automatically recognized service can get associated with a couple of scripts, which are executed immediately in case of alarm or violated of configures thresholds. This can all be done in an easy to use and clearly, well-arranged web frontend. Therefore Nagios can not only be used for monitoring purposes but moreover for intelligent control applications, e.g. temperature or brightness control.

Integration into Nagios instead of another Couple of Apps / bringing the Data together

Despite the 4 modular function sets LabCon isn´t a collection of various applications, but a completely integrated controlling system which fits perfectly into Nagios through a provided plugin. Only here information can be brought together. Cause relations between a voltage peak polluted mains supply and defected hardware IT equipment.

Automatical Configuration File Generation per Mouse Click

With a couple of mouse clicks all relevant Nagios configuration files are genrated automatically. This saves time and money. These files can be transferred via HTTP or SCP right onto the Nagios server easily and quick.

No Construction / Installation

Due to the wireless system the sensors are instaled in a couple of seconds. After a couple of minutes the system is up and running. The organization of the wireless network is done completely by itself, all routes are also established automatically and also healed if a router is absent.

Here is a quick start manual for the installation. Further information can be found in the LabCon User Manual.

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Nagios Integration within Minutes

LabCon Overview

LabCon functional Principle, click on Picture to enlarge


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