Fridge Control / Energy Cost Saving

Cooling devices are power hungry. On the one hand the goods must be cooled reliable and efficient, on the other hand critical situations and cooling device failures must get detected as soon as possible in order to ensure the cold chain.

Several measurement methods are possible:
  • Highly accurate Temperature Measurement. Our sensor devices are measuring the parameter locally and every couple of seconds. In terms of a violation of a configured temperature threshold, an alert telegram is sent immediately.

  • Easy to install Energy Meters measure reliably the Current. The respective load gets integrated to consumed work (in KWh), therefore the operating mode as well as the energy costs are permanently on the dashboard.


  • Supermarkets
  • Operator of Cooling Rooms, Transport & Logistics
  • Food Production Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry, Storage of Drugs

Equipment / Installation

ZigBee Mesh

Tool less
Self-organizing and self-healing wireless sensor network Installation within a couple of minutes Almost every device is installable without tools

Measurement of Engine Currents

Measurement of Temperatures

Gateway ZBG-100 with LabCon-SW

GSM Connector GSS-120

Temperature Sensor on Foil Cable

Temperature Sensor ZBS-120

Smart Energy Meter ZBS-110V2

Smart Energy Meter ZBS-111

Smart Cable Meter ZBS-112/16

Smart Cable Meter ZBS-112/32

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