AAL - Ambient Assisted Living

Reliable Assistance without Big Brother Environment

Depending on the age and the fitness level of people electronic assistance systems can provide more safety in people´s well- and long-known households. These systems shall work independantly and completely in the background - without any interaction from the person. Due to the sensing of environmental data valuable conclusion can be made: Is the person fine or in a critical situation - shall third parties, relatives or even rescue teams be informed ? Main targets of the sensor system are high sensor data quality on the one hand and long lifetimes / minimal maintenance costs on the other hand.

Which Parameters are measured ?

  • Temperature (highly accurate, max. 0.1 °C)
  • Rel. Humidity
  • Dew Point / Mould Prevention
  • Temperature and Engine Current of Fridges
  • Brightness
  • Motion / Presence
  • Emergency Pushbutton for Distress Calls
  • Various Contacts on Doors, Windows, Drawers

Equipment / Installation

ZigBee Mesh

Tool less
Self-organizing and self-healing wireless sensor network Installation within a couple of minutes Almost every device is installable without tools

Fall Detector InstaMon
Intelligent Fall Detector

Gateway ZBG-100 with LabCon-SW

Multisensor ZBS-121

Multisensor ZBS-122

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