NB-IoT Distance Sensor

NBS-200 - Narrowband IoT

Easy & cableless Installation through Battery Operation & Radio Connection

Sensor Principle
  • Class1 laser system
  • 3°FoV (field of view)
  • 850nm wave length (infrared, invisible)
  • Range up to 40m, accuracy +/-1%
  • Detection of obstacles in escape routes (minimum distance)
  • Detection of open doors (maximum distance)

  • 1x Controller Unit with integrated sensor unit (wall mount)
  • Optionally reflex foil for opposite wall / door (adhesive film)

Flexible Power Supply
  • Option 1: Permanent power supply (mains powered, 230VAC)
  • Option 2: Battery power supply (completely cableless)
    2x D cell, Li, 3.6V, 40.000 mAh
    ~1 Mio measurements --> e.g. 10 years lifetime with 5min measuring interval
    Batteries are easily replaceable

  • Wireless M-Bus
  • NB-IoT/Cat-M1
  • MQTT
  • CoAP/UDP, LwM2M
  • WLAN

Standards ./.
LxWxH [mm] 240x190x90
Colour RAL9005 (black)
IP Rating IP65
Power Supply
External Connector ./.
Internal 2x D Cell 3,6V Li, 40.000mAh
Typ. Power Consumption depending on configuration:
e.g. 10 years lifetime with 5min measuring interval
Sensor principle Class1 Laser system
Field of view
Wave length 850nm (infrared, invisible)
Range up to 40m
Accuracy +/- 1%
Safety / EMC / RF CE
Tariff Information 9031 4990

Communication LTE
Bands B3/ B8 / B20/ B28
Standards LTE Cat NB1 (NB-IoT)
Date: 12/15/20, Version: V1.0


pikkerton GmbH
Wohlrabedamm 16
D-13629 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 3300724-0
  • Fast internal connection for rigid & flexible cables with tool-less connection technology
  • Ultra Low Power Sensors
  • Proactive "Battery Low" message
  • Firmware update-capable via radio
  • Protocols: MQTT, LwM2M. CoAP/UDP

Typical Applications
  • Intelligent Escape Route Control
  • Logistics
  • Security/ Door monitoring
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