Using "Virtual Sensors" - creating new sensors and know more

With the combiner module you can create new "virtual" sensors consisting of physical existing sensors and a configurable composition. These new sensors act like physical sensors as well. It can get monitored or events are generated in case of emergency or violation of thresholds.

Separation of Sensors with  more than 1 input

  • e.g. ZBS-144
  • e.g. [link=o00162]ZBS-184[/link]

Mathematical Combinations of measured Values

  • Sum of power consumption, from single power supply up to servers, racks, rooms, departments, buildings, branches, ...
  • Measuring differences of air pressures / overpressure in active floors (at least 15 Pa are recommended)
  • Localisation of air pressure loss
  • Measuring of temperature difference of voltage drops
  • Differences of relative humidity
  • Calculation of Dew Points
  • Calculation of various characteristic values / management ratios like PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness in datacenters)

Extreme value Monitoring & Data Reduction

  • Detection of strongest voltage drops
  • Analyzing utilisation of current circuits
  • Detection of temperature hotspots

Logical Combinations (AND / OR)

  • Aggregation of detected motion / access
  • Comfortable handling of battery-low messages of battery powered devices

Integration of external Devices / Sensors

  • All external data sources can get integrated and act like a local sensor

Injection of Test Data

  • With a SELECT() construction sensor data can get temporarily replaced by test data for a verification of the systems´s fault-tolerance or external suppliers´ SLAs

Adding a virtual Sensors [Maximum Value]

Integration of an external SNMP Device

Example Script (SNMP)

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