ZigBee Router

ZBR-100 - ZigBee

For the physical extension of the ZigBee network coverage or just for the handling of more end devices there are routers without any further functionalites like the permanently powered ZBS-110, -111 and -112. The routers are just plugged into a wall socket or connected to an external wall wart. Besides PAN-IT and network key - if used - there are no further configuration steps to be made.


  • Max. IP66 rated (depending on cable input), cable screw connection included
  • Robust ABS chassis, contact manufacturer for outdoor Polycarbonate chassis
  • Fast and reliable internal connection for solid & flexible wires, with or without wire end sleeve or with DC barrel plug (180° fits through cable screw connection)
  • Wall wart: PS-ZBR100 (Euro plug, other socket systems on demand)

Technical data:

Standards ./.
LxWxH [mm] 65x65x42 (with flange L 86)
Material polycarbonate
IP Rating IP44
Power Supply
External Voltage 12-36 V DC, 8-24 V AC
External Connector optional external power plug EU
Internal ./.
Typ. Power Consumption <0.5W
Communication ZigBee
Protocol / Frequency IEEE 802.15.4 ZigBee, max. 250 KBit/s, ISm 2.4 GHz
Role / Mode Router
Max. direct joined end nodes 12, use further routers for additional end nodes
Transmit Power +8 dBm (8 mW)
Receive Sensitivity -102 dBm
Antenna internal wire antenna, external antenna on demand
Encryption AES128
Operating Temperature 0..35 °C
Operating Rel. Humidity non-condensing
Storage -20/+60°C
Safety / EMC / RF CE
Tariff Information 8517 6100


  • 75ZBR100
  • 73PSZBR100

Date: 06/06/13, Version: 2.0


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