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GSM Smart Metering Gateway / Multisensor with 4 analog inputs and RS485/ModBus



  • 4x analog inputs 4-20mA (ext. power supply required)
  • 2x digital external temperature, or
  • 2x digital input for pulse counting / contact monitoring
  • RS-485 port for connection to external sensors or meters
  • Battery-powered (for pulse counting, contact monitoring or RS-485 operation)

Technical data:

Standards ./.
W x H x D [mm] 180x 110 x 64
Material Polystyrol, grey
Other materials on demand
IP Rating Max. IP66
IP68 on demand
Power Supply
External Voltage Opt. integrated 230 VAC power supply
External Connector Plug-In Connectors
Internal Opt.integrated battery pack 3x AA 1,5V
Typ. Power Consumption [mA] << 1
CPU ARM Cortex M3, 32 MHz
Interfaces / Sensors
Digital Input / Dry Contacts 2x
Analog Input 4x 4-20mA, sensors can be supplied by GSS-124 if permanently powered
Temperature Sensors 2 Connectors for digital calibrated Sensor Cables, instead of pulse / contact monitoring
Serial Connectivity 1x RS-485
Configuration Via SIM card: Measurement and transmit cycles, data thresholds for alerting
Communication Protocol Data CSV / FTP
MQTT on demand
SMS on demand
Operating Temperature +5..+35 °C, other ranges on demand
Storage -20..+60 °C
Safety / EMC / RF CE
Tariff Information 8517 6100

Communication GSM
Bands 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
RF Module 2G / GSM
Transmit Power 2W @ GSM 850 / 900
1W @ GSM 1800 / 1900
Receive Sensitivity

Ordering information
  • 75GSS124 GSM multi sensor
  • 73PSGSS12V external power supply 12VDC
  • 70PSGSS230V integrated 230VAC power supply
  • 40GSSBATT battery pack for GSS

Date: 04/08/16, Version: 1.0


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