ZigBee ModBus-Adapter

ZBS-171 - ZigBee (Q3/15)


  • 90-265V AC Input, integrated power supply
  • ModBus 2-wire
  • Firmware upgradable over the air (OTA)

Technical data:

Standards DIN Rail 1U
W [mm] 17,5
Material PC-V0, grey
IP Rating IP20
Power Supply
External Voltage 85..265 VAC
External Connector Screw Terminal
Internal ./.
Typ. Power Consumption <0.5 W
Interfaces / Sensors
Serial Interfaces 1x RS485 / ModBus with true fail safe receiver, Termination Resistor via 3rd connector
Operating Temperature 0..35 °C
Operating Rel. Humidity non-condensing
Storage -20/+60°C
Voltage Category acc. to VDE 0110 / EN 60664 III
Safety / EMC / RF CE
Tariff Information 9031 8038

Communication ZigBee
Protocol / Frequency IEEE 802.15.4 ZigBee,  max. 250 KBit/s, ISM 2.4 GHz
Role / Mode Router
Max. direct joined end nodes 20, use further routers for additional end nodes
Transmit Power +8 dBm (6 mW)
Receive Sensitivity -102 dBm
Antenna Internal, PCB
Encryption AES128


  • 75ZBS171
Date: 06/06/13, Version: 2.0


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Tel.: +49 30 3300724-0
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Typical Applications
  • Connection of various sensors to ZigBee networks
  • Gas meters, water meters, energy meters
  • Smart-Energy / Smart-Grid
  • Remote control and monitoring of devices
  • Industrial automation

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